About Landsvirkjun's certifications

ISO 9001: quality management

Landsvirkjun was certified under the ISO 9001 standard in January 2006, and this certification marked the beginning of the introduction of the company’s integrated management system. Also falling under quality control is electrical safety, and the documentation system has been used for several years in accordance with the requirements of Iceland Construction Authority’s standards for electrical safety management of electricity utilities. After the amended Electricity Act entered into force in 2005, quality contro took on greater weight in Landsvirkjun’s operations.

Environmental Management in accordance with ISO 14001

A company with certification under ISO 14001 has gone through a process entailing policy formulation in the area of environmental affairs and exhaustive examination of the environmental impact of the company’s operations. Landsvirkjun sets goals for itself on how it can reduce important environmental impact of its operations, and there are requirements in the standard that the goals shall be achieved, and that continual improvements shall take place.

Safety management under OHSAS 18001

Companies operating under OHSAS 18001 Standard must always work on improving employees’ security, health and wellbeing. The standard includes ensuring that safety and health affairs are an inseparable part of Landsvirkjun’s evaluation and decisionmaking processes of investment, construction, operations and purchase of goods and services.

Green Electricity Production

The German Certification Body of TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH has certified Landsvirkjun’s electricity production as green electricity production.

Internal safety management

Löggildingarstofa (the State Accreditation Agency) has certified Landsvirkjun's establishment of an internal safety management system for energy operations. The system fulfils the conditions set by Act No. 146/1996 on the Safety of Electrical Installations, Consumer Apparatus and Electrical Materials.

The Icelandic Quality Award

Landsvirkjun received the 2007 Icelandic Quality Award, an annual award presented by the Icelandic Quality Management Association, the Office of the Prime Minister, the University of Iceland and the Reykjavik Commercial Workers Union for exellence in systematic work practices based on quality management. The Icelandic Quality Award is one of the most sought-after awards available to Icelandic companies and institutions. The aim of the Icelandic Quality Awards is to give recognition to companies and institutions for tangible management results, while at the same time encouraging companies to set clear objectives and regularly assess progress. Landsvirkjun is the ninth holder of the Icelandic Quality Award.

Management of information security under ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Landsvirkjun operates according to an Information Security Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013. The scope of the certification includes all employees and the operations at the company headquarters.