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Ideas unleashed in Northwest Iceland

January 11, 2010

People from different parts of the region were brought together to discuss whether and how entrepreneurship with regard to environment, local products and sustainability could increase employment and strengther regional development.

On a Thursday afternoon, on November the 19th, a group of key people from all over the region gathered at Landsvirkjun‘s Blanda power station. Among the participants were people from farming, tourism, research, arts and crafts, a university and government institutions, to name only a few. Many were meeting for the first time.

The format of the meeting encouraged interaction and the meeting of minds. This was organized and run by a specialist in public participation, ILDI Consulting. Part of the meeting was run as a World Café, where conversation was sparked by the question: „What might be possible?“.

It soon became clear that people were excited about the topic and several ideas had been cooking throughout the region for quite a while. These are some of the ideas that people wanted to take further: branding of local products, environmental certifiations, opportunities in tourism and increased co-operation within natural research. The vision is that Nortwest Iceland will be an area known for its unique environment, sustainability and local products. This will in itself attract people to live in the region and visit as tourists.

One main objective of the meeting was to connect people who have the interest and spark to move things further. Landsvirkjun wants to take part in further work on this project  while the main responsibility and driving force will have to rest with the local communities. The company is considering starting similar projects in other parts of Iceland. At this stage there is every reason to believe that the meeting held during Global Entrepreneurship Week, has served as a vital stepping stone for co-operation on exciting opportunities in Northwest Iceland.



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