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Over 1.100 visitors seen thenew Interactive Energy Exhibition at Burfell Power Station

June 30, 2011

As demand for renewable energy continues to increase around the globe, the exhibition focuses on both the opportunities and limitations renewable energy sources present, and gives visitors an insight into their production and use. The exhibition provides a history of how these techniques have been used in Iceland over time and invites visitors to look into the future and at the possibility of harnessing power from Geothermal, Wind and Sea sources.

The aim of the Interactive Energy Exhibition is to educate and entertain visitors, and to share knowledge about different energy sources and their effects on the community, economy and environment.

Energy Exhibition in Burfell Power Station - Energy Table


Landsvirkjun´s goalis to be a leading company in the field of renewable energy. By increasing knowledge and understanding about renewable energy sources, we hope to generate new knowledge and innovation within the energy sector.

The exhibition is designed by Gagarin for Landsvirkjun

The Interactive Energy Exhibition will be open every day this summer from 10.00-18.00 until 31st of August.

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