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Landsvirkjun plans to construct wind turbines for research purposes in 2012

November 24, 2011

This was announced at Landsvirkjun´s annual autumn meeting last week, where Dr. Oli Gretar Blondal Sveinsson,executive vice president of Research and Development, presented the current status of Landsvirkjun's wind energy research.

The construction of wind turbines is a part of Landsvirkjun's R&D project folder, exploring the feasibility of harvesting wind energy in Iceland. A number of areas in Iceland have been identified as promising with respect to wind speeds and Landsvirkjun is now investigating the construction of wind turbines at suitable locations that are also close to the necessary infrastructure, such as transmission systems and services.

A study is currently being conducted to establish whether it is possible to construct two 45 meter high wind turbines with a production capacity of 2 MW. The wind turbines would be located between Burfell Power Station and Sultartangi Power Station and will be constructed in the latter part of 2012 pending necessary permissions.


The picture shows the area, near Burfell power station, being considered for wind turbines


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