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Landsvirkjun implements a new Strategy on Corporate Social Responsibility

November 30, 2011


Introducing the new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy was Ragna Sara Jónsdóttir, Director of Corporate Communications, at the company's annual autumn meeting on November 15th 2011. 

The CSR strategy was developed by a companywide working group which was appointed in January 2011.

The aim of the CSR strategy is to increase positive impact on the company's stakeholders and to minimize negative impact on the environment and society. Landsvirkjun's acknowledgement of its social responsibility is key to the company vision of becoming a leader in the field of renewable energy. The CSR strategy guides Landsvirkjun to coordinate its decision making in the fields of operations, environment and society.


Landsvirkjun´s Strategy on Corporate Social Responsibility

Landsvirkjun's social responsibility is to create profitability, treat natural resources and the environment with respect and to diffuse knowledge and maximize positive impact of company operations.

Landsvirkjun ensures that its commitment to corporate social responsibility is implemented by setting itself targets and by emphasizing the following aspects in company operations:

1. Landsvirkjun is committed to good corporate governance

Landsvirkjun's activities are based on good governance and its employees comply with the company's Code of Ethics in their work.

2. Landsvirkjun seeks to positively influence its value chain

Landsvirkjun expects its customers and suppliers to practice corporate governance and to be responsible for the environment and society in their operations.

3. Landsvirkjun strives to lead the way in environmental issues 

This means Landsvirkjun gives consideration to nature in the selection and development of new projects, emphasises sustainable utilisation of natural resources, follows internationally recognised practices and minimises the environmental impact of the company's activities.

4. Landsvirkjun makes every effort to co-operate positively with the community

Landsvirkjun emphasises positive co-operation with the society in which it operates, by following transparent working practices and providing an interactive flow of information, taking the interests of the community into consideration and ensuring that both nature and society benefit from Landsvirkjun's activities.

5. Landsvirkjun places emphasis on exemplary health, safety and employee (HSE) practices 

Landsvirkjun follows a responsible HSE policy to ensure the well-being, safety and equal rights of its employees.

6. Landsvirkjun shares knowledge and expertise, which can promote innovation and economic development in the community

Landsvirkjun emphasises professionalism and innovative solutions which can be of use to the community.

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