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Over 300 people were involved in the construction of the Búðarháls Power Station this summer

September 6, 2012

Work is in full swing
Work on the power plant is in full swing and over 300 people were involved in the construction work this summer.

The concrete wall structure work has been completed on the powerhouse and finishing  work for roofing materials is underway.  The intake structure has been constructed and support walls and side walls are now being constructed to the side of the intake structure. The erection work on the steel penstock is at full capacity; so far 7 out of the 20 units that form the penstock have been put in place.

The construction work on the Sporðöldu dam is successfully moving forward. The northwest part of the dam has now reached 15 metres and work is being completed on grouting the bedrock underneath the southwest part of the dam. Tunnelling work is progressing behind schedule but is not expected to have a negative effect on the start-up of the plant.  The speed of work being undertaken on tunnel excavation has increased and last week a combined total of 93 metres was successfully excavated at both ends. This is the highest excavation rate completed over a one week period, so far.

The estimated annual labour force: 600-700 during the construction period
It is estimated that between 200-250 employees will be working on site this winter. The estimated annual labour force involved in the entire construction process of the Búðarháls Power Plant will be 600-700.

Buðarháls Power Plant is expected to produce and provide energy by the end of 2013. The rated capacity of the plant is 95 MW and the full energy production of the plant will be anything up to 585 GWst per year.

The Búðarháls Power Plant will fully utilise the head from Þórisvatn, below Sultartanga. This is in accordance with the company's policy of maximising the potential yield and value of the natural resources it has been entrusted with, in a sustainable and efficient manner.


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