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Preparation measures underway at Bjarnarflag

October 8, 2012

In the last few years, Landsvirkjun has undertaken various preparation and research projects, in connection with proposed power plants at Bjarnarflag and Þeistareykir.  A 45MW power plant at Bjarnarflag or Þeistareykir is expected to be the first step in the gradual development of sustainable geothermal production in the Northeast.

The preparation measures have been undertaken, with a view to beginning work at Bjarnarflag or Þeistareykir, at short notice. However, the Landsvirkjun board has not made any decision as to when the project should begin.


Preparation measures at Bjarnarflag

Landsvirkjun applied for planning permission to begin ground preparation work on the proposed powerhouse site and to build a road parallel to the Námafjall Mountain, in order to access the site, on the 24th of June, 2012. The application was discussed and approved during the 41st Skútustaðarhreppur Municipality committee meeting, on the 30th of August, 2012. See below for the meeting notes of Skútustaðahreppur  Municipality (in Icelandic only):


Landsvirkjun also applied for the necessary building permit for the construction of work camps on a land area in their ownership. The work camps will be situated at the former site of Kísiliðjunnar hf. The work camp permit was granted by the Skútustaðahreppur Municipality in December of 2011 and the building permit was granted by the Norðurþing Municipality in May of 2012.

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