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Landsvirkjun Consultation Meeting

April 4, 2003

At the consultation meeting, Valgerður Sverrisdóttir, Minister of Industry and Commerce, gave a speech, as well as Jóhannes Sigurgeirsson, chairman of Landsvirkjun’s board of directors, and Friðrik Sophusson, company CEO.

In her address, Valgerður Sverrisdóttir, Minister of Industry and Commerce, spoke among other things on Icelandic energy matters in an international context and the participation of Icelandic companies in research on hydrogen.

Jóhannes Geir Sigurgeirsson, chairman of the board of directors, discussed investments in Landsvirkjun by pension funds. He said it was necessary to investigate potential techniques for pension funds to approach becoming co-owners of Landsvirkjun. 

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In his speech, Friðrik Sophusson described Landsvirkjun’s operations during the past year. In this context, he raised the matter of the environmental impact assessment for Kárahnjúkar Power Plant, saying that the law on assessing environmental impact needed to be changed in such a way that the process could be converted from a series of decrees to a process of consultation. “Today, preparations for a project closely resemble procedures in a court case, where the constructor takes on the role of the guilty”.

The philosopher Atli Harðarson also gave a lecture at the meeting, entitled “Values, damage to nature and flight from reality”. In his lecture, Atli Harðarson for example said: “I believe notions of values that are independent of special interests quite often conceal a demand that certain values should be considered over and above being weighed and assessed and, in that event, conceivably being found to carry less weight than some others”.

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