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Making hydrogen available to the public

April 10, 2003

Additional Information
Conference Programme
Hydrogen in Iceland
On April 24th 2003 , “the First Day of Summer” as it is called in the Icelandic calender, a major milestone will be reached when the first commercial hydrogen fuel station in Europe will be inaugurated. The station will be producing its own hydrogen from tap water and electricity from the Icelandic sustainable hydroelectric and geothermal energy sources.

On this occasion Icelandic New Energy Ltd., and other key specialists in renewable energy and fuels and new business opportunities in the energy (hydrogen) field will gather for a major hydrogen event in Reykjavík during the 24 and 25th of April 2003.

Bird's view of the new hydrogen station in Reykjavík
The key theme of the conference is how hydrogen will be available to the public in the near future. The conference will be of interest to all those interested in the emerging hydrogen economy, energy policy, regional development etc.

Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company, is the largest electricity producer in Iceland.  The Company is owned in half by the Icelandic State and in half by two of the largest municipalities, Reykjavík and Akureyri. The generation is totally based on hydro and geothermal energy.  Landsvirkjun sells its production wholesale to local utilities and directly to power-intensive industries.  The Company also owns and operates the National Grid and offers consulting services.

Landsvirkjun’s mission is to provide its customers with the best energy solutions to create the basis for a modern quality of life.

Iceland has now reached the stage where 70% of its primary energy consumption is met by domestic, sustainable energy resources.  The remaining one-third comprises imported fossil fuels for motor vehicles and the fishing fleet.  The country’s abundant unharnessed hydro and geothermal energy could be utilised in the future to produce hydrogen as a fuel for the transport system.  Landsvirkjun sees this as an important opportunity for future development and  is an enthusiastic participant in the Icelandic hydrogen project for that reason.

Conference Programme

April 24th:
Chairman of Day 1 Prof. Dr. Thorsteinn I. Sigfusson

13:00–14:00 Registration
14:00–14:20  Prof. Dr. Thorsteinn I. Sigfusson Chairman of the Board Icelandic New
“Setting the scene” 
 14:20–14:30 Address by the Major of Reykjavik
 14:30–14:50 Mr. Jeron van der Veer, President of Royal Dutch Petroleum Company and
Vice Chairman of the committee of Managing Directors Royal Dutch / Shell
Group of Companies.
“Shell and Hydrogen”.
 14:50–15:10 Mr. Tore Torvund, Executive Vice President Norsk Hydro.
“Challenges on the road to Sustainable Mobility”
 15:10–15:50 Coffee
 15:50–16:10 Prof. Dr. Herbert Kohler, Chief Environmental Officer of DaimlerChrysler.
“Fuel and Propulsion System Strategy of DaimlerChrysler”
 16:10–16:30 Dr. Christian Paterman, Director, European Commission, Research
Programme on “Global Change and Ecosystems”,
“EC strategy towards Sustainable Development: the role of environmental
 18:00–22:00 Optional trip to the Blue Lagoon with dinner. Departure from Nordica Hotel

April 25th:

Chairman of Day 2 Hallgrímur Jónasson
Day two of the conference: Case of Iceland
Part I: Hydrogen Infrastructure & Applications

08:45–09:10  Mr. Jón Björn Skúlason, General Manager Icelandic New Energy:
“Hydrogen available to the public”. 
09:10–09:35 Dr. Þorkell Helgason, President of the National Energy Authority:
“Energy production and future utilisation in Iceland”.
09:35–10:00 Dr. Christopher Kloed, President of Norsk Hydro Electrolysers:
“Present and future hydrogen fuelling stations”.
10:00–10:40  Coffee
10:40–11:10 Mrs. Margrét Guðmundsdóttir, Retail Manager, Skeljungur (Shell Iceland)
& Mrs. Fanney Frisbæk (DTU & INE):
“Current infrastructure and future developments (EURO-HYPORT)”.
11:10–11:35 Dr. Dietmar Beck, Fuel Cell Bus Project – International Operations,
“Vehicles for Iceland and future perspectives on hydrogen vehicles”
11:35–12:00 Prof. Dr. Thorsteinn I. Sigfusson, University of Iceland and CoB of
Icelandic New Energy:
“Hydrogen possibilities and spin-offs in Iceland”
12:00–14:00 Lunch
Transport will be provided to the filling station during the lunch hour by bus
and back to see the filling station.
Mr. Friðrik Sophusson, President of the National Energy Company
“Abundance of renewable energy”
14:25–14:50 Mr. Úlfar Steindórsson, President New Business Venture Fund & CoB of
“Developing future business with hydrogen”

 Part II. Socio-economic-environmental research and policy measures

14:50–15:15  Dr. Michael Betz, General Manager, PE Europe:
“Example of an evaluation of socio-eco and environmental factors in a
hydrogen demonstration”
15:15–15:40 Mrs. Maria Hildur Maack, Environmental Manager Icelandic New Energy:
“Social aspects and economic impacts of a new fuel”
15:40–16:10 Coffee
16:10–16:35 Mr. Hjálmar Árnason, member of the Icelandic Parliament and EC High
Level Group on Hydrogen:
“Iceland´s and Europe´s vision of hydrogen in the near future”
16:35–17:00  Dr. Eric Ponthieu, Scientific Officer, European Commission, Research
Programme on “Global Change and Ecosystems”:
“ECTOS: an important step towards the City of Tomorrow”
17:00–17:15 Mr. Hallgrímur Jónasson, General Director of The Technological
Institute of Iceland:
“Summary of Day 2 and closing of Conference”

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