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Minister for the Environment issues ruling on power plants at Núpur and Urriðafoss

April 30, 2004

With respect to both power plants, it is stipulated that concurrently with designing structures, the developer shall conduct a risk assessment of the power plant which demonstrates that the annual risk for the local population after construction does not exceed what is considered acceptable in reference to landslides and avalanches.

The constructor shall where necessary also fence off the river course along both banks and put up warning signs at appropriate locations to reduce risk stemming from sudden increases in river flow. In addition, the constructor is required to install warning apparatus at the dam gates which will sound a signal in the event of such increased movement.

A further stipulation made by the National Planning Agency which is now modified regards the monitoring of wave erosion and the loss of vegetation on reservoir shores. Monitoring shall be carried out for the operating life of the power plant instead of for ten years, as the Planning Agency had ruled.

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