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Visit Landsvirkjun´s Power Stations

June 14, 2004

Most power stations are open to visitors in the afternoon, seven days a week, from the beginning of June to the end of August. We also offer tours of our plants and specially prepared exhibitions. The summer of 2004 will be no exception, and there will be even more variety than in previous years.

The year 2004 represents a milestone in the history of electricity in Iceland, because 100 years have passed since the first generator was put into operation in Hafnarfjörður (at the stream Hamarkotslækur) on 12 December 1904. To celebrate this anniversary, we have collected information on "Landsvirkjun structures in their historical context." Information in this vein will be displayed at our power stations this summer, in order to illustrate the historical context of each structure.

We encourage you to visit us when travelling this summer.

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