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Landsvirkjun's Energy Division obtains certification for quality management

November 17, 2004

In the autumn of 2001, the Management Board decided on Landsvirkjun developing its quality controls in line with the ISO standard. The Energy Division management reacted immediately in favour and has remained at the forefront within the firm in adopting quality management.

The introduction of quality management in the Energy Division began during the spring months of 2002. Blanda Station achieved certification first, with a succession of other power stations following suit. Not far behind Blanda Station came the River Sog Stations at Írafoss and Ljósafoss, along with Steingrímsstöð Station; and the gas-powered station at Straumsvík, along with the Þjórsá and Tungnaá river plants of Búrfell Station, Sultartangi Station, Hrauneyjafoss Station, Sigalda Station and Vatnsfell Station. Finally, around the middle of 2004, the Lake Mývatn area joined the rest of the Energy Division, bringing in Krafla Geothermal Station, Bjarnarflag Geothermal Station, Laxá Stations 1, 2 and 3, and the reserve plant at Rangárvellir by Akureyri.

Part of the Energy Division certification applied to ancillary divisions inside Landsvirkjun -- the Human Resources Division, Information System Division, Finance Division and System Operation in the Transmission Division -- all of which have now obtained certification for the processes supporting Energy Division operations. The concluding phase was this autumn when the Energy Division was certified as a whole.

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