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Landsvirkjun Energy Division earns quality certification

April 8, 2005

This certification applies to the production, selling and delivery of electricity by Landsvirkjun and specifies the company's production at the following power stations: Vatnsfell Station, Hrauneyjafoss Station, Sigalda Station, Sultartangi Station, Búrfell Station, Steingrímsstöð Station, Ljósifoss Station, Straumsvík Station, Blanda Station, Rangárvellir Station, Laxá Stations, Bjarnarflag Station and Krafla Station.

Kjartan Kárason declared that ISO 9001:2000 certification was important for Landsvirkjun operations, not least due to the need for organised, strict procedures, since the company product was extremely hazardous in certain situations. He also pointed out how ISO quality certification was an advantage to businesses considering advances into foreign markets, as had clearly been demonstrated by such Icelandic companies as Bakkavör and Actavis.

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