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Landsvirkjun receives the Best Practice in Vocational Education and Training Award for 2005

November 7, 2005

Along with Landsvirkjun, the trade union Efling and Icelandic-for-foreigners teacher Ingibjörg Hafstað also received the Award.

EDUCATE -- Iceland, a forum for cooperation between the commercial and educational sectors, confers the Best Practice in Vocational Education and Training Award. The object of the Award, which this year was given early in November, is to support Icelandic innovation and progress in professional education and to increase interest in the field. Presented in three categories -- educational bodies, businesses and individuals -- the Award should encourage those receiving it to continue their activities and serve as a model to others regarding vocational learning.

Workplace analyses performed at Landsvirkjun show that the staff feel they have the opportunity of learning and developing in their careers. Such analyses pinpoint the demands placed on the abilities of employees, with the employees then evaluating the extent to which they fulfil these demands. A staff education plan is subsequently prepared that addresses what needs improving.

While staff are undergoing training for the tasks they are supposed to perform, the company demonstrates full understanding of how life is not just work and that all education is for the good. Through various measures, such as allowing a two-month continuing education leave after four consecutive years of employment, Landsvirkjun helps out those personnel who are furthering their education while continuing in their jobs.

The trophy for Best Practice in Vocational Education and Training is designed on the basis of the Award emblem. Fashioned by the artist Jón Haukur Edwald, the trophy is cast in bronze, attached to a foot of Icelandic Tertiary basalt.

President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson standing left of the awardees,
who, left to right, are Ingibjörg Hafstað; Sigurður Bessason,
chairman of the trade union Efling: and Friðrik Sophusson,
Landsvirkjun Managing Director

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