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Cooperative agreement between Hrókurinn Chess Club and Landsvirkjun

November 25, 2005

The aim of the cooperative agreement is that Landsvirkjun help Hrókurinn Chess Club increase its efforts in introducing chess to school children at the compulsory level, which extends through the tenth grade.

In connection with the agreement, Hrókurinn will distribute the book Checkmate to compulsory school children under the slogan “Harnessing the future – children as Iceland's most valuable resource”.

Hrókurinn is also organising a chess exhibition by Grandmaster Henrik Danielsen, where he will play against Landsvirkjun employees and their families. This will take place in cooperation with STALA, the company's employee association, during the first quarter of 2006.

Furthermore, Hrókurinn will stage five chess festivals that will be associated with Landsvirkjun and involve children of compulsory school age. Three of these festivals are due to take place in the spring term of 2006 and two in the coming autumn term.

According to the agreement, Landsvirkjun's contribution to Hrókurinn Chess Club will amount to ISK 1,500,000.

Hrafn Jökulsson and Friðrik Sóphusson enjoying a game of chess before signing the agreement


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