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Signing of cooperation agreement with the Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue

April 24, 2006

For some time Landsvirkjun, Landsnet and RARIK have been involved in discussions with ICE-SAR on cooperating in the field of training and emergency assistance, as well as cooperating on various measures to ensure uninterrupted deliveries of electricity, insofar as possible. This is done with a view to the fact that the electricity companies carry a heavy social responsibility with regard to the production and delivery of electricity.

ICE-SAR and related rescue teams have been gaining strength as a combined Association with an integrated strategy and joint aims. The Association has thus achieved a better position for uniting the forces of all its members, enabling it to undertake considerably larger and more complex tasks.

Discussions between the parties have now led to the agreement signed by the CEOs of the three power companies on 19 April 2006. According to the agreement, ICE-SAR undertakes to define in its work procedures how it will assist the power companies when they so desire, in connection with certain tasks as well as emergency aid. Furthermore, the Association's entire training facilities are to be made available for personnel of the power companies, to the same extent as to ICE-SAR members.

The power companies will undertake to train selected Association members in reacting to the emergency situations that may arise in the power companies. In return for this contribution by ICE-SAR, the power companies are to support the Association through a fixed annual sum for three years.

The power companies are pleased with the agreement they have reached with ICE-SAR, since they now feel more capable of dealing with emergencies and major mishaps within the electricity system. In addition, the companies hope that the agreement will develop further in the future, to the benefit of all parties.

Signing of the contract. From the left: Tryggvi Þór Haraldsson, Director of
Iceland State Electricity; Friðrik Sophusson, Landsvirkjun CEO;
Þórður Guðmundsson, director of Landsnet; and Sigurgeir Guðmundsson,
President of ICE-SAR

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