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Landsvirkjun participates in startup of added Norðurál potroom

April 5, 2006

This power is to be delivered in two phases. One phase involves Landsvirkjun's continuing to provide Norðurál with extra electricity for starting up the new smelter potroom in 2006. This will include the delivery of approximately 5 MW from August 2006 until December 2007. In the other phase, Landsvirkjun will provide Norðurál with up to 65 MW from the spring of 2007 to the autumn of 2008, when other electricity producers will take over. Through this expansion scheme, Norðurál's aluminium plant will acquire an annual capacity of 260 thousand tonnes earlier than once planned.

Currently, Norðurál has completed the first stage in starting up its new potroom. The bulk of the energy used for this is provided by Landsvirkjun, and the startup process is due to continue till after mid-April, using electricity from Landsvirkjun. Startup has run quite smoothly, taking a shorter time than originally anticipated.

Announcement from Century Aluminium Corporation on the NASDAQ stock exchange about the accelerated electricity deliveries.

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