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Landsvirkjun passes ISO 9001 accreditation

May 9, 2006

The beginnings of the quality management introduced by Landsvirkjun, which has now become certified according to the ÍST EN ISO 9001:2000 standard, occurred in 2002.

It was decided that Landsvirkjun's quality management would be based on this standard, together with ÍST EN ISO 14000:2004; in addition, adoption of the safety management programme OHSAS 18001 is still anticipated. Quality management also includes matters of electrical safety, for which a documented system has been used for several years, in compliance with requirements of the Consumer Agency on electrical safety management in electric utilities. Information security issues will conform to ÍST ISO/IEC 17799:2000.

Since the amended Electricity Act took effect in 2005, quality management has gained importance in Landsvirkjun's operations. Nowadays electricity production has been deregulated, making competition a reality in the electricity market and rendering factors of customers and markets highly significant in the functions of quality management.

The accreditation of Landsvirkjun's quality system will provide the company a head start in an electricity market where processes connected with maintenance, reliability, delivery and power station operations constitute the basis of certified electricity generation. It was on 23 January 2006 that the accreditation of Landsvirkjun's quality system was realised, and the aim is that by the end of the year the company's environmental management will have been accredited also.

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