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Landsvirkjun's new environmental policy

October 11, 2006

The new policy emerging from this review is as follows:

Landsvirkjun's Environmental Policy

  • Landsvirkjun is a leader in environmental affairs and encourages sustainable development in Icelandic society.
  • Landsvirkjun strives to be aware of the environmental impact of its operations and makes every effort to limit such effects. In order constantly to improve performance in this regard, important environmental aspects are monitored, with a concerted effort to achieve improvement.
  • Landsvirkjun ensures compliance with all legal requirements concerning the environment, setting itself even stricter requirements, depending on the circumstances.
  • Landsvirkjun stresses that its personnel and others working for the enterprise possess the expertise and knowledge necessary to implement this company policy.
  • Landsvirkjun publishes its environmental policy and reports on company success in this area, thereby encouraging open, factual discussion.

Landsvirkjun's chief environmental objectives

  1. Harmonising company operations with nature and the biosphere
  2. Better utilising natural resources
  3. Operating free of environmental mishaps
  4. Lowering emissions of greenhouse gases
  5. Forming less waste

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