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Landsvirkjun supports immigrants' theatre project

October 26, 2006

The Red String Theatre Company is a troupe of actors from different parts of the world who all work in Reykjavík. The group's composition reflects the national diversity seen today in many Icelandic businesses.

"Best in the World" is based on interviews about immigrants to Iceland and their concerns. Those queried had unbelievable stories to tell, ranging from incredibly funny accounts of the misunderstandings that can arise, to highly dramatic accounts of people's daily lives and circumstances.

With the growing number of immigrants in Iceland, the subject of the play obviously has relevance for everyone, in one way or another. Theatre is a medium that provides unique opportunities to present images of actual events and thereby to stimulate general, lively discussion. "Best in the World" encourages us to take a fresh look at newcomers to this country, their concerns, and their relationship with native Icelanders. It provides a hilarious, ironic view of Icelandic society and encourages positive interaction between the country's old and new residents. The performance takes place in Icelandic, but has English captioning.

Landsvirkjun hopes its support for this production will contribute to an open, positive discussion on Icelandic immigration issues.

"Best in the World" premiers in the Reykjavík theatre Iðnó on 28 October 2006.

Director María Reyndal, as representative of the theatre troupe Red String Theatre Company, and Landsvirkjun Managing Director Friðrik Sophusson sign the agreement on support for the production.

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