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Samorka General Meeting passes resolution on climate matters

February 12, 2007

After the General Meeting, National Energy Authority director general Þorkell Helgason delivered an address on energy and climate issues.

The Samorka resolution on climate issues stated, among other things:

... in this country, approximately 72% of total energy consumption is obtained from renewable energy sources, a figure which approaches 100% when it comes to electricity generation and space heating. Emissions of greenhouse gases through the exploitation of these renewable energy sources are negligible compared to those resulting from the burning of fossil fuels. The international community has acknowledged this, and in a special provision of the so-called Kyoto Protocol, Iceland was authorised to increase emissions from individual industrial plants, because the influence of such plants' operations on the climate would be much greater in countries other than Iceland.

Future directions in energy policy
Energy Authority director Þorkell Helgason delivered an address entitled "Energy production at the crossroads: where are we headed, what do we want?" at the luncheon meeting following the Samorka General Meeting. In his speech Helgason reviewed recent reports on energy and climate issues and discussed possible courses of action to resolve the world's energy problems.

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