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University of Akureyri and Landsvirkjun sign cooperation agreement

February 8, 2007

This objective will be met by bolstering teaching and research at the University of Akureyri. Landsvirkjun's annual contribution to the University is equivalent to one full-time professor's position; in return, the University provides an annual allocation of research and specialist work for Landsvirkjun.

Among the University of Akureyri's upcoming projects in connection with this agreement are a risk assessment for the company's planned power development projects in high-temperature geothermal areas of Northeast Iceland, under the direction of Axel Björnsson, and a survey of groundwater and groundwater drainage from Þeistareykir and Gjástykki within that same region, led by Hrefna Kristmannsdóttir. The latter survey will be part of a general environmental impact assessment for the proposed power projects.

Left to right: Guðmundur H. Frímannsson, deputy rector of the University of Akureyri; Hrefna Kristmannsdóttir, professor of geothermal sciences at the University of Akureyri; Friðrik Sophusson of Landsvirkjun; and Axel Björnsson, professor of geothermal sciences at the University of Akureyri. Hrefna Kristmannsdóttir fills the position largely funded by Landsvirkjun.

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