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Landsvirkjun purchases two hydrogen-powered vehicles

August 13, 2007

Recent successful projects have inspired VistOrka, the largest shareholder in Icelandic New Energy, to extend its support for hydrogen research in Iceland. DaimlerChrysler has already delivered a fuel cell car to customers in Iceland. Last week, Quantum delivered 10 Toyota Prius hydrogen-powered vehicles to VistOrka. Quantum specialises in adapting vehicles, and the engines in these cars are now fuelled by both petrol and hydrogen.

VistOrka accepted delivery of the vehicles at a ceremony at Quantum’s headquarters in Irvine, California. This is the largest step so far in the SMART-H2 (Sustainable Marine and Road Transport – Hydrogen in Iceland) project, which was launched earlier this year. The other purchasers of the vehicles are Orkuveita Reykjavíkur and car-hire company Hertz. Landsvirkjun already owns a DaimlerChrysler hydrogen car. Landsvirkjun is using the hydrogen-powered vehicles to draw attention to the exceptional electricity production methods used in Iceland that are based entirely on sustainable and pollution-free energy sources. The company also wants to promote research into the use of hydrogen-powered transport.

Representatives from VistOrka, Icelandic New Energy and Herz in Iceland
at the handover of the new vehicles.

The SMART-H2 project aims to increase the number of hydrogen vehicles in use to 30 by the summer of 2009. The increased use of these vehicles and the introduction of hydrogen technology onboard ships, which is also an objective of the SMART-H2 project, are important steps towards a future which will see hydrogen used as a sustainable fuel.


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