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Landsvirkjun becomes part of MIT’s Industrial Liaison Program

October 2, 2007

MIT is one of the world’s most progressive universities, and is rated as the best American university in the field of technology and engineering, and the third best in business and politics.
Participation in the program includes various services and access to specialists and knowledge bases.
MIT’s specialist knowledge is, first and foremost, in the fields of political science, chemistry, physics, computing, engineering, energy research and other technical areas. Participants also receive information about innovation, research and development projects that are carried out by or connected to Icelandic companies.
The agreement signed by Landsvirkjun has brought participation in and access to far-reaching collaborations, research, lectures, conferences, conventions, working groups, and MIT’s knowledge and skills as determined by the requirements, goals and wishes of the companies participating in the partnership. It will be possible to bring MIT representatives to Iceland to hold lectures, or to work solely with Landsvirkjun and other companies with access to the ILP.
It will also be possible to send representatives to Boston for talks with specialists in the professions mentioned above. These seminars would be specially designed for the needs of the Icelandic delegates in the program, and could be used, for instance, to strengthen policy formulation, become acquainted with what is happening in research and technology, or to investigate new methods of company management. Other benefits include large discounts given on conference fees to companies participating in the program.
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