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Hálslón Reservoir clearly visible in satellite images

October 9, 2007

All the country’s largest lakes and reservoirs are very clear in this picture. Thingvallavatn and Thórisvatn are there, as are Landsvirkjun’s reservoirs in the highlands south of the glacier. Blöndulón, Mývatn, Öskjuvatn, Hálslón and Lagafljót can be seen north of the glacier.

The water level in Hálslón is now over 623 m, and only 1.5 m are required for the reservoir to reach 625 m.

This image was taken by the AQUA satellite operated by NASA. AQUA monitors the Earth’s water resources. A range of highly sophisticated equipment onboard the satellite measures ocean evaporation, water vapour in the atmosphere, cloud distribution, precipitation, humidity, sea ice, glaciers and snow cover.

Original NASA image >> 

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