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Kárahnjúkar Power Plant starts electricity production

November 5, 2007

Testing of the machinery started on 5 August using surface water that had run into the headrace tunnel and collected in the lower sections, producing enough pressure to run the system. The test procedure has so far generated 5,100 GWh of electricity that has been fed into the national grid.

Turbine 2 was today operated at up to 100 MV and connected to the grid. At the same time, production at the Blandá and Sigöldá Stations was reduced to maintain equilibrium in the system. Tomorrow, Tuesday, final tests are expected to take place on Turbine 2, followed by its release for electricity production. Turbine 3 will be tested in the same way and then the rest.

Further information about Kárahnjúkar Power Plant and the Fljótsdalur powerhouse can be found on the Kárahnjúkar website.

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