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US radio programmes on geothermal energy and environmental issues in Iceland

December 12, 2007

The award-winning journalist from the US radio station NPR, Richard Harris, came to Iceland in November and made four radio programmes. The programmes all involve environmental and energy issues in some manner.
In Iceland, Unintended Witnesses to Climate Change >> 
In this programme, Richard Harris travels with glacier researchers to Vatnajökull, where they measure changes to the glaciers.
Viking Farms Tell Cautionary Climate Tale >>
In this programme, Harris interviews Unnsteinn Ingason, tourism farmer at Narfastadir in the valley Reykjadalur, and Adolf Fridriksson, archaeologist.
Businesses See Green in Iceland's Volcano Power >>
In this programme, Richard Harris travels to Krafla and interviews Bjarni Pálsson, engineer, about geothermal energy and energy production. Also interviewed is Ásgeir Margeirsson, CEO of Geysir Green Energy.
Lured by Clean Energy, Industry Heads for Iceland >>
Bjarni Pálsson is again interviewed, and Ómar Ragnarsson gives his views on large-scale industries in Iceland.
Information on the journalist Richard Harris >>

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