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Negotiations between Landsvirkjun and Becromal á Íslandi hf. on the construction of a pure silicon plant in Thorlákshöfn

December 18, 2007

At the same time, Becromal will perform a survey of rationalisation for the project. The project involves a plant that uses up to 150 MW of electricity and approximately 1,300 GWh per year. In the event that an agreement is reached, it is anticipated that the plant will be built in the municipality of Þorlákshöfn and that it will be supplied with electricity from new power plants in the river Þjórsá. Operation is scheduled to begin in 2009, and it is estimated that up to 400 full-year work positions will be used in the plant. Pure silicon is used in solar batteries, and its production is not accompanied by harmful wastes or emissions.

During the summer of 2007, Landsvirkjun and Becromal Iceland signed an energy contract relating to Becromal’s purchase of energy for an aluminium foil plant in Akureyri which will employ 70 members of staff and will be launched in 2008.

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