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Sultartangi Station off the Grid

January 14, 2008


 Sultartangi Station

The first transformer broke down on 1 November 2007 and the second on 24 December 2007. Due to considerable demand and strain on the manufacturers of spare-parts, it will take a long time to manufacture the two new high-voltage coils needed to repair the transformers. The current repair schedule anticipates that one of the transformers will be operable by the end of February and the other operable by the end of April.

As a result, the Sultartangi Station is off the grid and the power production capacity of the Landsvirkjun stations in the south of Iceland is considerably less than usual under normal conditions. Owing to transmission limitations in the transmission systems of Landsnet, it has proved impossible to utilise the full power production capacity of Fljótsdalur Station. As a result, Landsnet and Landsvirkjun have had to impose limits on the delivery of non-secure electricity to public utilities and on surplus power to large-scale industries in south and west Iceland during peak hours. The limitations, however, are not substantial, and the general user will not notice.

The situation will remain like this until at least the first machine at Sultartangi is brought on-line at the end of February. Clients in north and east Iceland, on the other hand, should enjoy full delivery of electricity.

An investigation is currently underway to discover the reason for the breakdowns. It is suspected that they can be attributed to design criteria or the connection of the transformers to the high-voltage transmission lines near the station.

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