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Landsvirkjun signs agreement with the University of Iceland

May 15, 2008
According to the agreement, Landsvirkjun will provide funds for Dr John Douglas, visiting professor in the University of Iceland’s School of Engineering and Sciences. The objective of the agreement is to expand research and enhance teaching in the field of earthquake engineering and technical seismology.
Landsvirkjun operates power plants in known earthquake zones and is considering building further installations in South Iceland, an area of the country considered to be most at risk from powerful earthquakes. Installations are also being planned in North-east Iceland, also close to areas of significant seismic activity. With this in mind, the company sees great benefits for the country as a whole in carrying out seismological research.
The company has had excellent, long-standing relations with the University of Iceland’s Earthquake Engineering Research Centre in Selfoss, where Dr Douglas will be based. The agreement will further boost research and teaching in these fields, which Landsvirkjun considers to be vital for the nation.
Dr John Douglas holds a doctorate in civil and environmental engineering from the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in London. He also holds a degree in mathematics from the same institution. His research has been directed particularly towards the development of mathematical models representing the nature and effects of earthquakes, along with assessments of the likelihood of earthquakes, risk assessments and risk management. Dr Douglas has been published many times in respected international publications.

Signing the agreement. Pictured from left to right: Sigurður M. Garðarsson, Chairman of the University of Iceland’s Environmental and Civil Engineering Department; Ragnar Sigbjörnsson, Chariman of the University of Iceland’s Earthquake Engineering Research Centre; Friðrik Sophusson, Managing Director of Landsvirkjun; Ebba Þóra Hvannberg, President of the University of Iceland’s Engineering Dept.; Dr John Douglas, from BRGM France.


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