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Blanda Station receives recognition from the Administration of Occupational Safety and Health in Iceland

October 24, 2008
The model companies recognised by the AOSH were:
Landsvirkjun, Blanda Hydropower Station
Héradsverk, Egilsstadir
Actavis, Hafnarfjördur
The Thingeyinga Health Care Centre
The nursery schools Eyrarskjól and Sólborg in Ísafjördur
The recognition was awarded at a conference held by the AOSH in Iceland entitled Improved working environment, better life - Risk assessment and prevention measures are the way to go, held at the Grand Hotel on 21 October 2008.
The AOSH’ reasoning for awarding the recognition states that Blanda Station operates a clear human resources policy founded on occupational health and safety views.

The representatives of Landsvirkjun accept the recognition. Pictured from left to right: Einar Mathiesen, Managing Director of the Energy Division, Gudmundur S. Pétursson, Head of Safety and Quality Control, Gudmundur R Stefánsson, Station Master of the Blanda Hydropower Station, Jónas Th. Sigurgeirsson, Maintenance Manager at the Blanda Station, Snæbjörn Adolfsson, the Safety Steward of Blanda Station and Eyólfur Sæmundsson, the Director of AOSH.
Reasoning for awarding recognition to companies at the AOSH Conference 2008
Landsvirkjun-Blanda Hydropower Station
The Landsvirkjun-Blanda Hydropower Station employs approximately 13 members of staff. The station has a clear human resources policy that takes account of occupational health and safety views, and this policy is actively implemented. The station has an active safety committee that meets regularly. Staff meetings always begin with a review of the status of safety issues.
The Blanda Station took part in the AOSH’s pilot project in the preparation of a risk assessment in 2005, a project that was carried out in an exemplary manner. The station repeated or reviewed the risk assessment again in 2007.
At the Blanda Station, Landsvirkjun is adopting the OHSAS 18001 management system for safety and working environment. Substantial focus is directed towards ensuring that contractors entering the company’s site follow the same safety requirements as the Station’s general employees. There have been cases where managers at the Station have halted the work of sub-contractors due to their work practices.
For three months during the summer, approximately 25 young people work in and near the Station. Every effort is made to ensure that they are provided with information and education on occupational health and safety before they begin work. Many of these youngsters are in their first employment and, as a result, they receive important guidance at the very beginning of their careers.
A table showing the number of accident-free days is located in the entrance to the staff building. Employees are thus reminded of the importance of occupational health and safety.
It is the opinion of the AOSH that Landsvirkjun-Blanda Station is an excellent place of work where the well-being of employees is a primary objective. Preventative measures are in this respect an important factor, and for these reasons we present them with this recognition today.

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