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CDP Recognises Landsvirkjun as a Leader in Climate Change Action  

December 14, 2020

The CDP has recognised Landsvirkjun as a leading company in the worldwide battle against climate change, earning a grade of A- on their Climate list. CDP is a non-profit organisation, that runs the global disclosure system, gathering and distributing information and advising on continuous improvement on environmental issues. 

Thousands of companies submit information to the CDP every year. This extensive disclosure contributes to the effective management of carbon and climate change risk, promoting environmental transparency and accountability. The average grade for the ‘company category’ in 2020 was C. The average score for renewable energy companies was B but Landsvirkjun was one of 50 energy companies given an A- or A rating. 

A clear vision of the future
Landsvirkjun's vision is a sustainable world powered by renewable energy. Our greatest contribution to sustainable development is acting on climate change because energy matters are climate matters. Landsvirkjun produces only renewable energy but two-thirds of global greenhouse gas emissions can still be traced to energy production.   

Systematic action and improved performance 
Landsvirkjun has been active in the fight against climate change for some time and confirmed its commitment by submitting its first report to the CDP in 2016. 

We have prioritised climate issues, using a holistic approach across company operations, integrating our climate change goals at all levels. We believe that we are on the right track and welcome the CDP's confirmation that we are a leader in climate change action. The actions and changes we have systematically introduced are considered best practice. 

The responsibility of Landsvirkjun's management on this issue is clear. We have developed an ambitious action plan, with clear carbon reduction targets, and have implemented internal carbon prices. The authenticity and scope of our climate accounting is verified by external auditors according to international standards. 

Hörður Arnarson, CEO: 
“The CDP's recognition of our achievements is of great value to us because it confirms that the action, we have taken on climate change, in recent years, is on the right track. Climate change affects our core business, and our team deserves credit for their contribution to making such effective change. The fact that the CDP's demands have steadily increased over the years and achieving an A rating now is much more challenging than it was in 2016, makes the achievement even more remarkable.” 

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