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Hálslón Reservoir fills up

September 9, 2013

The surface level of the Hálslón Reservoir is now 625 metres above sea level. The reservoir surface level has increased by over 2 metres in the last 7 days and is expected to reach the ‘spillover’ level by this coming weekend; three weeks later than last year.

When the water level reaches the spillover level it creates the waterfall Hverfandi at the western end of the Kárahnjúka Dam, rushing down to the gorge rim and then surging downward 90-100 metres into the Hafrahvammagljúfur Gorge. The waterfall is powerful and can become more water rich than Dettifoss.

The status of other Landsvirkjun reservoirs

The cold spring experienced this year, especially in the north and east of the country, resulted in the delay of spring floods. The flow rate in the south of the country has been below average this summer: Þórisvatn is 5 metres below its top level and the Blanda Reservoir is 2.5 metres below its top level. Landsvirkjun does not expect these reservoirs to reach their top level this autumn. This situation has not affected Landsvirkjun’s energy supply this winter and will be further assessed when the drawdown of reservoirs is executed this autumn.

The flow rate to Landsvirkjun’s reservoirs is reliant upon changing weather conditions and it is therefore natural for the reservoirs not to reach their top level every year.


Hálslón Spillover 2007-2012 

Year         Date

2012      7th of August

2011      13th of September

2010      28th of July

2009      9th of September

2008      16th of August

2007      18th of October

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