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Iceland looks to Export Power Bubbling From Below

February 21, 2013

The New York Times has published an article titled "Iceland looks to Export Power Bubbling From Below" on the future potential of energy sources in Iceland.

The article reports on interviews conducted with Hörður Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun, Steinn Ágúst Steinsson, Station Manager of Krafla Geothermal Station, Steingrímur J. Sigfússon, Minister of Industries and Innovation and Guðmundur Inga Guðbrandsson, Director of the Icelandic Environment Association.

In the article, Hörður Árnason comments on the newfound potential of a submarine cable between Iceland and Europe “the idea of transporting electricity via submarine cable to Europe has been discussed for decades and has been technically possible for some time, but it has not been economically viable until now, in the last few years. The project is promising. We have rich energy sources and a small population. However, we will need the consensus of the public in order to move forward with the project. Without it, none of this can become a reality.”

The article is available in print and on the web. Please see The New York Times "Iceland Looks to Export Power Bubbling From Below":

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