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Landsvirkjun and Advania sign power purchase agreement

December 2, 2016
Gestur G. Gestsson, CEO of Advania and Hörður Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun shake hands after signing the agreement.
From the right: Ægir Már Þórisson, CEO of Advania in Iceland, Gestur G. Gestsson, CEO of Advania, Hörður Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun and Haraldur Hallgrímsson, Business Development Manager at Landsvirkjun, sign the agreement.

Landsvirkjun and Advania have signed a power purchase agreement for the supply of energy to Advania’s data center in Fitjar, by the end of 2016. The agreement will enable Advania to continue expanding their data center operations.

The energy will be supplied by Landsvirkjun’s current power station network. Landsvirkjun owns and operates 16 power stations including 14 hydropower stations, 2 geothermal stations as well as two wind turbines. Landsvirkjun is currently constructing a geothermal power station at Þeistareykir in the northeast of Iceland and is also expanding its hydropower station network in Búrfell, in the south of Iceland.

Hörður Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun:

„Advania is a welcome addition to Landsvirkjun’s client base. The conditions in Iceland are ideal for data center operations and Landsvirkjun has in recent years actively promoted Iceland as a preferred location for data centers. The successful growth of Advania and other data centers in Iceland is based on favourable, long-term, secure energy contracts, a competitive environment and the cooperation of stakeholders within the industry in Iceland."

Gestur G. Gestsson, CEO of Advania:

"The scope of Advania’s operations, within the data center market, has grown tremendously in recent years and large-scale projects are in the pipeline in the coming months. Access to energy is a key factor in the operation of data centers and we are therefore greatly pleased by this agreement with Landsvirkjun. We believe That Landsvirkjun will strengthen our ability to service more global clients in the future. "

Advania is a leading Nordic IT company with operations in Iceland, Sweden and Norway. The company has around 1000 employees, working from 20 different stations of operation. Advania operates the Steinhella Data Center in Hafnarfjordur and the Fitjar Data Center in Reykjanesbæ. The agreement will enable the company to continue to grow and add to its client base.

Landsvirkjun has supported the growth of the data center industry in recent years in Iceland. Favourable, long-term power agreements make Iceland a competitive environment for data centers and the stable, cold climate of the country is particularly suitable for data center operations. The national communication network also satisfies the industry’s requirements for stability and capacity.

Landsvirkjun has promoted Iceland to those parties responsible for determining future locations for data centers. The Company's website contains information on the benefits of Iceland in this regard:

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