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Landsvirkjun and the Institute of Economic Studies Join Forces to Support Research

November 8, 2013

Landsvirkjun and the Institute of Economic Studies have joined forces in an effort to support and encourage research within the field of business and economics, pertaining to energy generation. The objective is to advocate research within these particular areas and to subsequently increase public awareness on the significance of these factors with regard to the economy.

Hörður Arnason, CEO of Landsvirkjun stated the following: “This collaboration will be an opportunity for us to make a concerted effort to support the development of expertise and to encourage a qualified discussion on energy matters and the energy market.”

Gunnar Haraldsson, Director of the Institute of Economic Studies stated the following: “We celebrate this collaboration which will afford us the opportunity to support research and to build on our expertise. It will also give us the opportunity to share our knowledge on the matter, a matter which directly affects the economy.”

Landsvirkjun will, in accordance with the contract signed today, support the research by contributing 8 million ISK per annum for three years consecutively; an overall total of 24 million. The Institute of Economic Studies will create a position for an expert within the field of Energy Economics who will dedicate his/ her time to research within the area and on the projects outlined by the collaboration.

Landsvirkjun’s objective is to support a qualified discussion on energy matters and to create value for society and the labour market, via knowledge dissemination and the encouragement of innovation. The contract is in keeping with the Company’s policy on social responsibility which strives to create value, to respect and protect natural resources and the environment and to share expertise in order to effectively contribute to society.

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