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Landsvirkjun cancels proposed reduction to the supply of electricity

October 5, 2015

Landsvirkjun has made the decision to cancel any reduction to the supply of electricity to customers, in accordance with the provisions outlined in flexible contracts. The decision comes as a result of a substantial increase in inflow to the Company’s reservoirs in September. The overall status of the reservoirs was poor at the end of August (particularly in the Hálslón Reservoir). Landsvirkjun subsequently gave its customers one month's prior notice of a possible reduction to the supply this coming winter.

The weather in Iceland in September was warm and the average temperature was ten degrees above the national average for the last ten years. The warm temperature had a substantial effect on inflow levels to the reservoirs and ablation levels increased significantly. The highest daily average inflow rate to the Hálslón Reservoir occurred on the 13th of September reaching 580m3/s. This is the highest rate measured in the month of September since the Hálslón Reservoir was put into use.

A poor water year: 2014/2015

Landsvirkjun’s reservoirs will not reach full capacity before this coming winter, despite the increased inflow this September. The increase in inflow will not make up for the poor inflow levels this summer and the year will still be categorised as a poor water year, despite Landsvirkjun’s current decision to cancel any possible reduction to the supply of electricity to energy intensive customers.

Weather conditions this winter will be the deciding factor with regard to any possible reductions at the beginning of next year.

Landsvirkjun’s reservoir capacity is 93% at the beginning of the new water year

The overall status of Landsvirkjun’s reservoir capacity is currently just over 93%. Reservoirs in the Þjórsá area are currently at 91%. The Blanda Reservoir remains stable at 75%. The water level at the Hálslón Reservoir is currently 623.77m.a.s.l and only needs an increase of one metre to reach spillover.

Landsvirkjun’s daily reservoir status can be followed on the Company website:

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