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Landsvirkjun Set to Release Tenders on Turbines, Generators and Cold End Equipment for the Þeistareykir Geothermal Power Station

March 18, 2014

Landsvirkjun has decided to release a tender for a 45MW turbine equipment, i.e. Turbine, Generator and Cold End, for the geothermal station at Þeistareykir, with the option of purchasing additional 45MW turbine equipment for up to a 90MW station. The tender will be advertised within the next few days.

In keeping with its policy on the responsible utilisation of energy resources, the Company is in the process of developing plans for further geothermal utilisation in the northeast of Iceland and is presently focusing on the Þeistareykir project. Extensive monitoring and research has been conducted in Þeistareykir since the first exploratory boreholes were drilled in 2002. All preparation measures are in accordance with the ruling released by the Icelandic National Planning Agency since 2010. The tender design for a 90MW geothermal station at Þeistareykir has now reached completion.

Þeistareykir already harnesses enough steam to generate the equivalent of 50MW of energy.

Increasing the electricity supply in the North East of Iceland is a prerequisite for expanding the industrial sector in the area. However, Landsvirkjun’s calculations for future energy use in the North East focus on the general increase of electricity usage irrespective of the development of new industrial production at Bakki.

The last few years have focused on local infrastructure development, such as access road construction, work camps and electrification in the area. Preparation work will continue on the project including groundwork on the powerhouse site and water utilities. The tenders for this work will be released in the near future.

More about the Þeistareykir Geothermal Power Station on Landsvirkjun’s website

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