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Landsvirkjun issues a 10 year bond

August 14, 2013

Today, Landsvirkjun signed a 10 year private placement amounting to USD 30 million, equivalent to 3.6 billion ISK. The bond was issued under a new Euro Medium Term Note programme (EMTN) for debt issuance without the guarantee of collection, which was signed on July 26 this year.

Rafnar Lárusson, CFO:

“Landsvirkjun has been considering for some time the possibility of issuing bonds without the guarantee of collection for debt issuance. We soon noticed considerable interest from investors, which encouraged us to establish a new EMTN programme, and subsequently sign an agreement to issue the first bond”.

The bond carries a fixed interest rate of 4.45% with semi-annual interest payments with a single
principal payment in 2023.The dealer for the transaction was Arion Bank.

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