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Landsvirkjun Power Listed as an Outstanding Company

February 12, 2013
Shared headquarters of Landsvirkjun and Landsvirkjun Power in Reykjavik, Iceland

Creditinfo has named Landsvirkjun Power ehf, a subsiduary company of Landsvirkjun, among the most exceptional businesses for the year 2012. Every January, Creditinfo assesses the various companies on the Register of Limited Companies and compiles a list of those that have excelled in business in the past year. There are over 32,000 companies registered and only 354 of these fulfill the strict requirements set out by Creditinfo in order to make the list.

The requirements are as follows:

•The company must be a public limited company or a privately limited company.

•The company must have handed in their annual accounts to RSK for the years 2009-2011

•There must be less than a 0.5% risk that the company will find itself in default (CPI risk assessment).

•The company must show an operating profit (EBIT) three years in a row; from 2009-2011.

•That the total assets of the company are at least 80 million ISK for the three years (2009-2011).

•That the equity ratio for the business years 2009-2011 is 20% or above.

•That the company is considered ‘active’ according to Creditinfo’s criteria.

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