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New water year begins

October 6, 2016

A new water year began for Landsvirkjun on 1 October; this is the time that reservoirs are normally at their highest level following the spring thaws, the glacier melts of the summer and the start of the autumn rains. Once the autumn rains cease with the onset of winter, Landsvirkjun begins to use the water stored in the reservoirs. Water from the reservoirs accounts for about half of Landsvirkjun’s energy production over the winter and into the spring.

In the south of Iceland the summer was warm, sunny and rather dry. The north and east, on the other hand, had a rainy summer and average temperatures. The total flow into Landsvirkjun's reservoirs was slightly below average.

The situation at the start of this water year is favourable. The total water stored stands at just over 97% of capacity, which is much better than in 2015. The Hálslón reservoir is still overflowing, and has been since 20 August. Only about one metre is needed to fill Thórisvatn. Drawdown on the reservoirs has not yet begun in Landsvirkjun’s water areas.

Landsvirkjun's generation capacity is now more or less fully utilised until the geothermal power plant at Theistareykir comes online. Despite the favourable reservoir situation described above, the climate this fall and winter will determine whether Landsvirkjun will be able to meet all of the demand for flexible and secondary power in the coming winter.

The water level of the reservoirs can be observed on a daily basis on Landsvirkjun's monitoring website:

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