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Ongoing cooperation with the EIMUR project

July 6, 2020

Landsvirkjun, Norðurorka (Utility Company), Húsavík Energy and SSNE have signed a new contract to continue their cooperation on the EIMUR innovation project which was formally established in 2017. The cooperation has been ongoing for three years and the decisions to continue the successful cooperation in the field of sustainability and innovation in energy issues was unanimous. The agreement was renewed until 2023 with the possibility of an extension.

The core focus of the project is to improve the efficient utilisation of natural resources and to encourage innovation in energy matters in the Northeast. The goal of the collaboration is to discover new ways to create value and employment opportunities in the region with an emphasis on sustainability, green solutions, innovation, and high-tech development. Another key aspect of the project is knowledge dissemination on research and innovation, to boost competitiveness and gain access to larger markets where Iceland’s strengths would be an advantage.  

Eimur has been involved in a variety of projects over the last three years including the mapping of natural resources in Northeast Iceland, the Eimur- Sustainability innovation & design workshop, idea challenges and various promotional projects. Eimur is also committed to cooperating with the various universities and research institutes. Eimur appointed a new director to oversee the project as well as a research and development director. Several summer employees will also be hired to support the project this summer. The positions are all located at the Húsavík and Akureyri facilities.

“Eimur has helped us to raise awareness on the various opportunities for the sustainable utilisation of energy resources in the region. We need to keep moving forward to pave the way for new companies so that they can seize the opportunity to create more value in the Northeast. There are very exciting times ahead, "says Kristján Þór, Chairman of the Board of EIMUR and head of the local government in Norðurþing. “

"We are excited to see EIMUR continue the important work they have been involved in. Experience has shown us that this type of collaboration produces great results" says Hörður Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun. “We are constantly looking for new ways to identify and take advantage of employee knowledge and research, to benefit society. Our collaboration with Eimur, Norðurorka, Húsavík Energy and SSNE has created new pathways for innovation and employment opportunities in the region. I have high hopes for EIMURS's next operating year. "

“Eimur is a collective tool that we can use to raise awareness and create more value from sustainable energy resources in the region. Good things don't happen on their own and the collaboration with EIMUR has proven to be an important and necessary part of our efforts to support innovation and boost the economy in the Northeast, ”says Helgi Jóhannesson, CEO of Norðurorka hf. "We are proud to continue our support for the EIMUR project next year."

Eyþór Björnsson, Director of the SSNE, also contributed the following: "It is very gratifying to see the project continue and even more exciting to see how unified we are in taking this to the next level.”

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