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Over 400 guests attended Landsvirkjun’s Annual Meeting this year

May 22, 2014

Over 400 guests attended Landsvirkjun’s Annual Meeting this year, held at the Harpa Concert Hall & Conference Centre on Tuesday the 20th of May.

The title of this year’s meeting was “The Value of Hydropower”. Over one hundred people watched the live feed on as Ragna Árnadóttir, Deputy CEO, steered the meeting and discussion.

Bjarni Benediktsson, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, delivered the opening address and thanked Landsvirkjun’s employees for their hard work. The Minister touched on a number of topics including the achievements of Landsvirkjun’s management team and the responsible goal of reducing Company debt. He commented on the exemplary efforts made by Landsvirkjun to operate in harmony with the environment and Icelandic society and on the importance and advantages of serving a more diverse client base in the future, ensuring more effective risk distribution. The Minister also discussed the potential sub-sea cable project which could prove an important factor in building future opportunities for Iceland and could become a valuable future client for Landsvirkjun. He emphasised the need to keep this option open for future consideration.

Jónas Þór Guðmundsson, Chairman of the Board, also addressed the audience and highlighted the fact that Landsvirkjun has benefitted Icelandic society for over half a century. He made the following statement in his address:

“No one can deny the ambition and competence of these pioneers. If Iceland proves able to utilise its natural resources in a responsible manner then the future is bright.”

Landsvirkjun’s CEO and management team gave presentations at the meeting and these are available on Landsvirkjun’s website:

  • Hörður Arnarson, CEO of Landsvirkjun

Competitiveness, Profitability and Consensus

  • Óli Grétar Blöndal Sveinsson, Executive Vice President of the Research & Development Division at Landsvirkjun

Challenges and Opportunities in an Isolated Hydropower System

  • Rafnar Lárusson, Executive Vice President of the Finance Division at Landsvirkjun

Focusing on Debt Reduction – Operating Results, 2013

Facebook and Twitter were also utilised to report live on the events. See:

The presentation slides can be viewed here:

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