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Web of Science sponsorship renewed

June 12, 2013
Magnus Thor Gylfason, Director of Corporate Communications, and Jon Gunnar Thorsteinsson, Editor of the Web of Science

Landsvirkjun has been one of the main sponsors of the Icelandic Science Web since 2011. The web is run by the University of Iceland with the purpose of spreading scientific knowledge to young people and the general public. The new sponsorship agreement states that the University of Iceland and Landsvirkjun will together work to spread scientific knowledge with a dedicated and modern use of media.

Among the queries on energy use that the web has received are questions like: How many watts of electricity does an average Icelandic household use? How much current does a lightning carry? Is it possible to make things fly and travel by using only magnets and electricity? How close to high voltage power lines is it considered safe to live?

The Icelandic Science Web has been live since the year 2000 and has enjoyed great popularity from day one. On the web you can find thousands of answers to all kinds of questions on just about any subject matter, from astronomy and ancient scripts to molecular biology and psychology. The questions most frequently come from curious individuals between 10 and 20 years of age.

The Science Web has also organized seminars, published books and a science calendar. An English version can be found at

Landsvirkjun is owned by the Icelandic state and processes 75% of all electricity used in Iceland. We are the country's largest electricity generator and one of the ten largest producers of renewable energy in Europe.

We endeavour to maximise the potential yield and value of the natural resources we have been entrusted with, in a sustainable, responsible and efficient manner.


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