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Life in the modern world seems unimaginable without electricity but how and when did this energy source become part of our lives? The exhibition offers guests the opportunity to experience the evolution of electricity, through stories of the past, showing just how rapidly this energy source became a necessity in our daily lives.

The fundamentals of electricity are explained through simple, entertaining and amazing experiments some of which historically led to the many significant steps man has taken in successfully harnessing this energy source.

Guests are also introduced to the renewable and sustainable energy generation methods used by Landsvirkjun such as hydropower, geothermal energy and wind energy. 

The exhibition is closed to COVID-19. This is only a precautionary measure.

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View Ljósafoss Power station


Krafla is one of the most well-known geothermal areas in the world. We offer our guests the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the geology, history and utilisation of geothermal energy in Iceland and the opportunities therein.

The exhibition will be closed this summer due to COVID-19. This is only a precautionary measure.

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View Krafla Power station

Tour guide at Kárahnjúkar dam

A Landsvirkjun tour guide is located at the Kárahnjúkar Dam and offers guided tours of the development and nature of the area on Thursdays and Saturdays between 2pm to 5pm from the beginning of June until end of August, every year.

View Fljótsdalur Power station