High-tech greenhouses, algae cultivation, protein production, various biotechnologies, dehydration, lyophilization, distillation and processing: these are examples of food production fields to which we can contribute, with our green energy and clean water.

Food production is changing, and renewable resources and clean water will be much more important in the future. To combat climate change and achieve sustainability, the world’s food production system needs to be reviewed. The world’s largest industry is therefore undergoing major changes. We at Landsvirkjun have examined various fields within food production and developments in the sector, and at the same time assessed the societal mood in favour such projects in Iceland. The collaborative Orkídea Project in the south of Iceland is one such undertaking.

We enjoy excellent access to electricity from renewable resources, plus geothermal heat. We can use this special advantage to develop high-tech food production.

The potential rewards are vast, and with high-tech food production in Iceland we can:

• Make better use of energy resources

• Produce food with a smaller environmental footprint

• Create jobs for experts and scientists

• Boost export revenues

• Create jobs close to natural resources in rural areas

• Use our expert knowledge derived from the fishing industry

Innovation Manager