Custom Energy Solutions

The international business world is demanding greater competitiveness. Iceland provides a solution, with its valuable access to natural resources and renewable energy. Market leaders in power-intensive industries continue to expand their investments and operations in Iceland, focusing on the competitive energy prices, the unchallenged security of supply and the careful consideration of environmental factors.

Landsvirkjun fulfills the diverse energy requirements of customers guaranteeing flexibility in services, competitive pricing, and the stability of long term agreements. Our objective is to optimize sustainable energy solutions with current and new customers. 


  • 38% Alcoa
  • 23% Rio Tinto Alcan
  • 12% Norðurál
  • 9% Elkem
  • 3% Becromal
  • 14% Public Utilities
  • 1% Verne Holdings

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Our Value Proposition


Power Intensive Industries

Building long term business relationships since 1965.                                            


The Wholesale Market

Offering one to three year contracts with competitive power prices to public utilities.


Data Centers

Attractive power solutions offered to the data centre industry.                                 


Guarantees of Origin

Landsvirkjun offers buyers across Europe, guarantees of origin from TUV-SUD certified production sites using both hydrological and geothermal technologies.

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