Competitive Energy

Landsvirkjun offers long-term agreements, competitive prices and an unparalleled security of supply.

We produce 100% of our power from renewable resources, putting Iceland at the forefront in offering opportunities for sustainable data center operations.

Power Pricing & Term

Power pricing and term

At Landsvirkjun, we offer long-term agreements, competitive prices and an unparalleled security of supply. We are committed to offering the most competitive renewable energy contracts in Europe.

Landsvirkjun offers 12-year, fixed-price power contracts at $43 per MWh. Long-term price visibility helps customers manage their financial risk and make more informed long-term decisions.

Landsvirkjun may offer price discounts for selected greenfield projects.

Reliable Supply

Reliable supply

Landsvirkjun was founded 50 years ago and operates 16 power stations all over Iceland. The Company’s oldest hydropower stations have been in operation for almost 80 years. The Icelandic energy sector has amassed extensive knowledge and experience in harnessing the country’s main energy sources, hydropower and geothermal energy.

Iceland does not depend on fossil fuels for power production. The fuel-less nature of Iceland’s power avoids the vulnerabilities of fuel delivery. Both hydropower and geothermal energy are continuously available.

Iceland's transmission grid has been built around power-intensive industries that require a high level of power transmission. Iceland’s power delivery record is among the world’s best, and the country has consistently ranked in the top ten by the World Economic Forum for quality of electricity supply.

Quality of electricity supply rankings 2008-2014


100% Renewable Energy

100% Renewable

Landsvirkjun is a leading European renewable energy company. Iceland’s unique portfolio of energy resources allows us to offer electricity generated exclusively from hydro, geothermal and onshore wind resources at competitive prices. Producing power that is 100% renewable puts us at the forefront in offering unique opportunities for customers to make their operations sustainable.

Landsvirkjun’s commitment to the responsible use of the natural resources the Company is entrusted with is reflected in all aspects of operations. For more information see the latest Environmental Report.

Click here to read more about our 16 power stations that generate 75% of the power produced in Iceland.

Power Grid

Power grid

The energy infrastructure in Iceland is ranked number one globally in IMD's World Competitiveness Yearbook 2014.

Iceland’s transmission system receives electricity directly from power stations and transmits it to distribution companies and power-intensive users. The grid includes more than 3,000 km of transmission lines and has redundant routes to ensure high uptimes.

Landsnet owns and operates the transmission system in Iceland.

Iceland's transmission system and the national circular grid

White Papers and Reports

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