Iceland has excellent cable connectivity to Europe and North America with redundant fiber optic connections and a history of 100% uptime. This infrastructure is built to meet significant future growth.

International Connections

International connections

Iceland is connected to both Europe and North-America with submarine fiber cables. The overseas connection and the backhaul are redundant.

The network has the capacity to meet the increasing demand of data center customers and other service providers.

Farice is the main provider of international bandwidth capacity in Iceland.

A map of Iceland's international connections and latency

Domestic Fiber Network

Domestic fiber network

The main national fiber network is 1,800 km / 1,118 miles long with a circular architecture to ensure redundant routes.  The largest network is operated by Míla (website available in Icelandic only).

Iceland's domestic fiber network and connections

Carriers Operating in Iceland

Carriers operating in Iceland


Level 3 Communications




White Papers and Reports

White Paper on Power Security

A detailed look at Iceland as a choice for industries and companies interested in the benefits of power security.

White Paper on HPC in Iceland

Nordic HPC – How four universities work together to maximize computing power by offshoring to Iceland.

Broadgroup Report

Report by Broadgroup on Iceland as an international data center hub.


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PWC report

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