Energy Products

We supply 80% of our production to power-intensive industries, whereas 20% is sold to the public and to the TSO.

Power Intensive Industries

Landsvirkjun has, since 1965 placed a strong emphasis on building long term business relationships and is dedicated to securing the competitive viability of its customers, facilitating the capacity for growth and expansion, on mutually beneficial terms.

Power purchase agreements can be negotiated from between 5 to 12 years and are competitively priced in comparison with international markets. In support of “Greenfield” projects, Landsvirkjun can additionally offer increased contract flexibility and flexible discount periods.

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The Wholesale Market

Landsvirkjun has established itself as a main contender within the Icelandic wholesale market and in the direct supply of power to the transmission system operator. Landsvirkjun therefore has an important role in securing the power supply to the whole of Iceland; a responsibility it takes very seriously.

Landsvirkjun sells electricity wholesale to retail sales companies in Iceland offering both short term and anything up to 3 year contracts. Short term contracts have a fixed unit price during the contract period, both for energy and power. In multi year contracts, the power price is indexed against inflation with the consumer price index in Iceland.

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